Christmas Post

Christmas Post


Since 1995 the 1st Kesgrave Scout Group have been delivering Christmas Cards in the Kesgrave area. In 2000 we joined the Ipswich wide service and now deliver around 11,000 out of the 100,000 delivered in total. The service now covers:

  • All of the following Post Code Areas: IP1, IP2, IP3, IP4
  • IP5 including Kesgrave Rushmere and Martlesham
  • Ipswich Borough and Pinewood area
  • Claydon
  • Barham
  • Great Blakenham
  • Grundisburgh
  • Playford
  • Great/Little Bealings
  • Westerfield
  • Witnesham
  • Henley
  • Tuddenham
  • Felixstowe
  • Trimley St Mary/ Trimley St Martin
  • Kirton

A full list of streets delivered to can be found here.

We also use a cancellation on all cards collected or delivered in Kesgrave and have created a stamp for cards delivered in Kesgrave. Theoretically only one stamp per house delivered to is used but in practice the scouts often forget this and put stamps on randomly! Details of these cancellations, stamps and how many we delivered can be found below.

For those interested in Scout and Guide Charity Christmas Posts in Great Britain there is a web site devoted to it, created by John Crabbe. It can be found here.

The official Ipswich Scout Post website can be found at:

2016 Collection

Postboxes will be available from 25th November at the usual collection points of Krop & Co (Beech Road), House of Hair (Edmonton Road), The Butchers Penzance Road, the 2nd Stop Charity shop near Tesco, the Orwell Vets surgery and Kesgrave Library.

Postage is 25p per card and you should place all your cards and money in a bag before posting them in our postboxes. Last day for posting is Thursday 8th December at 5pm. All profits are shared between the scout groups taking part in the ratio of the number of cards collected and delivered.

A full list of collection points across Ipswich Borough, Kesgrave, Rushmere, Martlesham, Claydon, Barham etc is shown below. There is also a checker which can help you identify your nearest collection point.

Full List Of Collection Points

  • Adam & Eve Hairdressers, Bramford Road, IP1 2LT
  • Age UK, Upper Brook St, IP4 1DU
  • Asda, Goddard Rd, IP1 5PD
  • Asda, Stoke Park, IP2 9EG
  • Barham Parish Church
  • Barnards, Woodbridge Rd.
  • Bea's Boutique, Barham
  • Black Tiles Post Office, Martlesham, IP12 4SP
  • Blondies Hairdressers, Bramford Ln. IP1 5JQ
  • Bluebird Lodge, Ravenswood, IP3 9GJ
  • Bramford Village News, Bramford, IP8 4DT
  • British Heart Foundation, Carr Street, IP4 1EJ
  • Broke Hall News, Penshurst Road, IP3 8QB
  • Cards for Good Causes, Tourist Information Centre Ipswich, IP1 1DP
  • Choices, Manor Farm, Barham, IP6 0PU
  • Christchurch Veterinary Surgery
  • Church's, Dial Lane, IP1 3BW
  • Claydon community Centre, IP6 0EG
  • Cockram’s Convenience Store, Felixstowe Rd, IP3 8EF
  • Coes Newsagent, The Walk, IP1 1BX
  • Co-op - Hawthorne Drive, IP2 0QG
  • Co-op Rosehill Centre - Felixstowe Road, IP3 9BG
  • Co-op Surbiton Road. IP1 4DS.
  • Co-op Ulster Ave. IP1 5JS
  • Craft Ability, St Lawrence St. (formally BCM), IP1 1DN
  • Day Lewis Pharmacy, Ravenswood, IP3 9QJ
  • Duncan's Butchers, Martlesham. IP5 3SL
  • East Anglian Air Ambulance, Orwell Place, IP4 1BB
  • Epsilon House reception, Ransomes Europark, IP3 9FJ
  • Felixstowe Rd Launderette, IP3 8EE
  • Firepower Shop, Foxhall Rd, IP3 8LA
  • Foxhall News - Wellesley Road, IP3 8JU
  • Fresh Fills Bakery, Claydon, IP6 0DF
  • Gainsborough Library, Clapgate Lane, IP3 0RL
  • Gainsborough Sports Centre, IP3 0SP
  • George Debman Butchers - Cliff Lane, IP3 0PQ
  • Grange Farm Shop, Woodbridge Rd Hasketon, IP13 6HN
  • Grundisburgh Doctors Surgery, IP13 6TH
  • Hamilton Smith, Gt. Coleman Street, IP4 2AA
  • Hollybank, Church Lane, Westerfield/ Westerfield Village Hall, IP6 9BE
  • House Of Hair, Edmonton Road, Kesgrave, IP5 1ER
  • Ipswich Building Society in Tower Ramparts, IP1 3BB
  • Ipswich Building Society, Ravenswood, IP3 9QJ
  • Janine's Hair Fashions, 12 Selkirk Rd, IP4 3HX
  • John Lewis & Waitrose, Futura Park, IP3 9SQ
  • Jonathan Waters Estate Agents, Foxhall Rd, IP3 8ND
  • Julie Dawn, Nacton Rd, IP3 9JJ
  • Kay's fruit and veg shop, 368 Nacton Road, IP3 9ND
  • Kay's fruit and veg shop, Meredith Rd, IP1 6ED
  • Kesgrave Butchers, Penzance Road, Kesgrave, IP5 1JS
  • Kesgrave Library, Kays Close, IP5 2HL
  • Krop & Co, Beech Road, Rushmere, IP5 1AP
  • Martins Bakery Woodbridge Road East, IP4 5QN
  • Melmerby House, Gipping Road, Gt Blakenham
  • Morrisons, Sproughton Road, IP1 5AF
  • Mrs Williams Store, The Green, Grundisburgh, IP13 6TA
  • Nacton Road Fish Shop, IP3 9NA
  • One Stop, Bixley Farm, IP4 5RE
  • Orwell Veterinary Clinic, 56 Berners Street, IP1 3LU
  • Orwell Vets, Hartree Way, Kesgrave, IP5 2BZ
  • Oxfam Charity Shop 53 Buttermarket, IP1 1BJ
  • Pathology dept. at the Ipswich Hospital, IP4 5PD
  • Penalty Two, Chantry Estate, IP2 9RR
  • PMG Schoolwear, 40 Westgate Street, IP1 3ED
  • Premier Stores, Foxhall Rd/Henslow Rd, IP1 2AG
  • Richardsons Hardware, Garrick Way, IP1 6NF
  • Rosehill Play Group - St.Bartholomews Church, IP3 8HQ
  • Sainsburys Local, Woodbridge Road, IP4 4EN
  • Sainsburys, Warren Heath, IP3 8TQ
  • SBS Computers, Upper Street, Witnesham, IP6 9EW
  • Scout & Guide HQ, Kirby Rise, Barham, Evenings Only IP6 0PU
  • Scout Hq - Newton Rd - Mon, Thur & Fri Nights, IP3 8HQ
  • Somersham Community Shop, IP8 4PF
  • Sophisticuts Hair Salon, 321 Woodbridge Rd, IP4 4AX
  • South Wards Reception Desk Ipswich Hospital, IP4 5PD
  • Spar Shop, Freehold Road, IP4 5JL
  • St Elizabeth Shop, Hawthorn Drive, IP2 0QG
  • Suffolk Water Park (shop), Loraine Way, Bramford, Suffolk, IP8 4JS
  • Swiss Farm, Farm Shop, Hemingstone Road, Ashbocking, IP6 9LF
  • The Barley Mow, Mow Hill, Witnesham, IP6 9EH
  • The Beacon, Beaconsfield Rd. IP1 4AD
  • The Community Shop Sproughton. IP8 3AA
  • The Crown Public House, Claydon, IP6 0AA
  • The Cutting Corner Hairdressers, St.John's Rd IP4 5DE
  • The Fountain, The Street, Tuddenham, IP6 9BT
  • The Railway Inn, Westerfield Road, Westerfield, IP6 9AA
  • The Swan Inn, Westerfield Road, Westerfield, IP6 9AJ
  • The View cafe, Hill View Bussiness Park, Claydon, IP6 0AJ
  • Tuddenham Road Business Centre, IP4 3QN    
  • Victoria Nursery, Westerfield Rd, IP4 2XX
  • Whitton Sports Centre, IP1 6LW
  • Woodbridge Library, New Street, Woodbridge, IP12 1DT
  • Woolverstone Day Unit, at the Ipswich Hospital, IP4 5PD
  • Wotsits, Thoroughfare Woodbridge. IP12 1AA
  • 1st Martlesham Scout Hut - The Drift, Valiant Rd, IP5 3UY
  • 2nd Stop Charity Shop near Tesco, Kesgrave, IP5 2FU
  • 4th Ipswich Scout HQ, Hogarth Road, IP3 0EY
  • 3 Post Mill Cresent, Grundisburgh, IP13 6UX
  • 10 St Peters Close, henley, IP6 0RH
  • 18 Fairfield Road, IP3 9LD
  • 19 Arundel Way, IP3 8SF
  • 39 Humber Doucy Lane, IP4 3NR
  • 43 Roundwood Road, IP4 4LU
  • 51 Beverly Drive, IP4 4BU
  • 114 Felixstowe Rd, IP3 8EG

Many Schools and offices also collect cards but are not accessible to the public.

Cards Delivered

Xmas card deliveries in Kesgrave
Year Delivered Stamps Printed (Approx)
2015 11141 3000
2014 11730 3000
2013 11974 3000
2012 12381 3000
2011 9370 3000
2010 8814 3000
2009 9621 3000
2008 7700 2250
2007 7448 2250
2006 7700 2250
2005 6670 1500
2005 6670 1500
2004 6460 1500
2003 5500 1250
2002 4390 1250
2001 3590 1000
2000 3360 1000
1999 950 250
1998 776 200
1997 490 100
1996 493 No stamp just cancellation
1995 254 No stamp just cancellation

Xmas Stamps and Cancellations

Below are the stamps used from 1997 onwards and the cancellations used from 1995 onwards. The cancellations are shown at the end. The purple cancellation was used from 1995-1999 and the blue one from 2000 onwards.